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Dr. Deepak Jaiswal
Assistant Professor
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Deepak Jaiswal did B.Tech. from IIT Kharagpur, D.E.A. (Diploma de Estudios Avanzados) from URV Spain, and Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University USA.

He worked as a postdoctoral researcher at UNICAMP Brazil and UIUC USA.

Before moving to IIT Palakkad, he was working as a research scientist at UIUC USA.


Agriculture, bioenergy, land-use change, global climate change, crop & environmental modeling, and water/nutrient recycling by land application of waste materials.


Biomass Energy, Coupling of Dynamic Models & their Applications, Ecology and Environment, Plant Ecophysiology

Research Group
  • Amit Kushwaha (Ph.D. Student Jan 2022 - present)

  • Sruthi Surendran  (Ph.D. Student Aug 2021 - present)


  • Biswa Bhusan Satapathy  (MTech Project 2021-2022). Working as a data scientist with Mercedes Benz Research & Development India, Bangalore, India  (last updated on 09-09-2022)

Additional Information

Refereed Journal Papers

  • He, Yufeng, Deepak Jaiswal, Xin‐Zhong Liang, Chao Sun, and Stephen P. Long. "Perennial biomass crops on marginal land improve both regional climate and agricultural productivity." GCB Bioenergy 14, no. 5 (2022): 558-571.

  • Lochocki, Edward B., Scott Rohde, Deepak Jaiswal, Megan L. Matthews, Fernando Miguez, Stephen P. Long, and Justin M. McGrath. "BioCro II: a software package for modular crop growth simulations." in silico Plants 4, no. 1 (2022): diac003.

  • Fu, Peng, Deepak Jaiswal, Justin M. McGrath, Shaowen Wang, Stephen P. Long, and Carl J. Bernacchi. "Drought imprints on crops can reduce yield loss: Nature's insights for food security." Food and Energy Security 11, no. 1 (2022): e332.

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Boon Chapters:

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Recent Publications

Edward B Lochocki, Scott Rohde, Deepak Jaiswal, Megan L Matthews, Fernando Miguez, Stephen P Long, Justin M McGrath
in silico Plants 4 (1) diac003 (2022)
He, Yufeng, Deepak Jaiswal, Xin‐Zhong Liang, Chao Sun, and Stephen P. Long
GCB Bioenergy 14 (5) 558-571 (2022)