Science Quest 2019 @ IIT Palakkad -Selected List

Continuing the journey with Valsa

IIT Palakkad is conducting a residential science camp in memory of Late Prof. M. C. Valsakumar, former Professor of Physics and Dean Student Affairs at IIT Palakkad. Prof. Valsakumar, Valsa to his friends, was an excellent researcher, an extraordinary teacher and above all a humanist. Spreading his passion for science is our way of continuing the journey with him.

IIT Palakkad will select 30 students from schools across Kerala and Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu. The goal of the camp is to instil a spirit of inquiry and critical thinking, and love for science and mathematics in students. This camp would also provide a platform for interactions between students from various regions and researchers at IIT Palakkad. There will be interactive sessions on various topics in science, engineering and mathematics, and several hands-on sessions in labs where scientific concepts will be introduced through experiments.

The camp will run uninterrupted for 10 days from 15th to 24th of May 2019. Food and accommodation will be provided in the IIT hostels which are inside the campus.

The portal is closed now. The short listed candidates will be informed through e-mail on April-15, 2019.

The list of selected and waitlisted candidates