Smart AgriTech receives a fillip at IIT Palakkad 

Wed, 31st Aug, 2022 - 12:00 am

IIT Palakkad's Smart AgriTech Centre for Advanced Research and Development (SATCARD), the research facility/centre that focuses on agricultural technologies, has a new home from today. The centre houses numerous research initiatives funded by the Institute, SERB, IPTIF, etc. SATCARD aims to address some of India's pressing agricultural challenges through the development of cost-effective, AI-based agricultural technologies. Modern technologies, particularly the development of agricultural sensors, artificial intelligence, IoT, and associated embedded systems are understood to hold promise to revitalise the sector.
The current foci of the centre are
● Design and development of a smart sensor fusion system 
● AI-based framework for the early detection of plant diseases.
● The development and testing of smart soil sensors for accurate estimation of soil parameters
● Development and testing of smart weather station for assessment of microclimates and weather forecasting

The SATCARD premises on the Institute's Permanent Campus, Opposite Kedaram, was inaugurated at 11.30 a.m today, August 31, 2022, by Shri. Apurba Kumar Das, Chief Engineer cum Executive Director, Palakkad Project Zone, CPWD, in the presence of in the presence of Drs. Sreenath Vijayakumar, Satyajit Das, Deepak Jaiswal, V. Senthilkumar (Chairman, EWD) along with SATCARD, CPWD, and EWD teams.