In Recognition of Artistry: A Special Tribute to the Makers of "Trapped Visionary"

Tue, 21st Nov, 2023 - 06:30 pm

"Trapped Visionary," the latest sculptural masterpiece installed in front of Kedaram at Sahyadri, is a visual delight and adds another layer of artistic splendor to the picturesque campus. Crafted by the talented sculptors Mr. Tarvinder Singh and Mr. Mandeep Singh, this installation was unveiled by the graduating class of 2023 as a tribute to the campus.

Prof. Seshadri Sekhar, Director, IIT Palakkad extended his honor to the artists during their visit to the campus. In a special tribute to the artists, selected interpretations and reflections on this artistic creation were presented. The felicitation ceremony was complemented by an Extra Mural Lecture and a captivating clay modeling demonstration, adding an educational and immersive dimension to the celebration.