Pan-IIT Yoga Competition 2022: Team IIT-Palakkad are finalists

Fri, 20th May, 2022 - 12:00 am

Recently, from 14-16 May, teams from eleven IITs came together virtually for the Pan-IIT Yoga Competition . There were solo, paired and group events. Besides Traditional yoga asanas, participants competed in events for ‘Artistic Yoga’ and ‘Rhythmic Yoga’. Members of the IIT Palakkad team have qualified to be among the top 5 to be shortlisted for the finals, in every event that they participated in. They are positioned first for Artistic Yogasana Pair (Female) and Rhythmic Yoga Pair (Male).  Hearty Congratulations and good wishes to the team and  our Yoga Instructor Mrs Sujata Priyambada Palai! The finals will be at IIT Bhillai on June 21.