Industry Academic Conclave 4.0 at IIT Palakkad on 13 Aug 2002

Sat, 13th Aug, 2022 - 12:00 am

The Industry-Academia Conclave (IAC) assumes significance as a platform for the academic community at IIT Palakkad to explore, assimilate, interact with and stay abreast of current and emerging industry-relevant themes from leading experts and veterans. The sessions at the Conclave serve to provide young minds an opportunity to develop a broader, deeper, and more practical understanding of the industry. It is also a forum to strengthen the relationship between Industry and Academia at IIT Palakkad by providing an opportunity to foster joint ventures and collaborations. The previous editions of IAC were extremely educational and diverse, with sessions with over 50-60 eminent speakers from the industry being organised each time. This year also, the event allowed for gathering of rich insights and a wealth of fresh perspectives that will lead to meaningful contributions in a post-pandemic context.