Chemistry Colloquium: Unravels the Mysteries of Buckling and Defects of 2D Atomically Thin Layers

Tue, 14th Nov, 2023 - 06:30 pm

In the latest episode of the Chemistry Colloquium, Prof. Ayan Dutta from the School of Chemical Sciences at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science delivered a captivating session on "Buckling and Defects in Two-Dimensional Atomically Thin Layers." Focusing on the fascinating realm of graphene and its 2D analogues like silicene, phosphorene, MXenes, MoS₂, and germanene, Prof. Dutta briefed on their unique properties.
Diving into the intricacies of these non-planar materials, Prof. Dutta highlighted the local reactivity to halogens and hydrogens, particularly along the more ~sp³ atoms, showcasing the diverse effects of buckling. The lecture introduced the concept of Pseudo Jahn-Teller (PJT) distortions as a central unifying theme, explaining the structural preferences of these systems.
The extent of buckling also leads to interesting and emerging phenomena like phase-transitions into Topological Insulators from normal semi-metal due to spin-orbital coupling (SOC). The session offered a comprehensive exploration of the effect of PJT in bestowing structural diversity and novel electronic and spin phases in 2D-monoatomic layers.