Hostel Rules


Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad is a fully residential institute and all registered students are required to reside in the hostels. The Hostel provides an ideal place with a disciplined, healthy and congenial atmosphere for peaceful stay and study. To the residents, it is a home away from home, hence they should consider themselves as belonging to one family and treat one another in a friendly and courteous manner. There are sepa rate hostels for boys and girls with amenities such as common room, indoor games room and a spacious dining area. All the rooms in the hostels have attached bathrooms. Each room will be shared by two students and is furnished with cots, tables, chairs, cupboards, tube lights, ceiling fan and electrical sockets for using laptops and charging cell phones. Stay in the hostel is governed by a set of rules given below:


1. Allotment Conditions

At the time of admission to hostel every year, the resident should submit a duly filled personal data form to the hostel office. Any change of details provided in this personal data form should be intimated to the hostel office as and when such changes occur. Rooms once allotted to the students for an academic year will not be changed except on special situations. The students who wish to seek exemption from residence in the hostels will have to make specific application separately for every semester, in the prescribed form, available at the Hostel office.

2. ID cards and Mess cards

All students should carry their identity cards issued by the institute. Entry to the dining hall is on production of identity cards.

3. Room Changes

Request for change of room is not entertained normally. Under exceptional circumstances a resident may be reassigned a room, in the best interest of all residents.

4. Maintenance and upkeep

Maintenance of hostel property is the collective responsibility of the residents of the hostel. If a room is damaged or its furnishings are damaged/lost, the residents are financially responsible. Deliberate destruction of hostel property will attract penalty ranging from fine to expulsion from hostel.

5. Alterations

The residents are not allowed to move any furniture from its pre-allotted place. Decoration of the rooms like curtaining the windows is encouraged. However, painting/scribbling on the walls, doors and windowpanes are not allowed. When the resident move out, the room must be returned in the state when it was allotted to the residents.

6. Resident Property

The residents are responsible for the safekeeping of their personal belongings. They are advised to keep under lock all valuable items such as, Jewelry, Laptops, Mobile phone, etc. They should lock their rooms when not present even for a short time. Residents should take prior permission from the hostel authorities before taking any belongings out of the hostel. Hostel office cannot assume responsibility for the loss/damage of residents property.

7. Noise Levels

Every resident of the hostel has right to quiet and peaceful atmosphere. From 10.00 PM to 6.00 AM, the level of noise from the action of a resident should be sufficiently low that the activities of the fellow residents are not disturbed. Noise level during the rest of the time should not be nuisance to other fellow residents. Any complaint from fellow students in this regard will attract investigation and subsequent punishment, if the complaint is found to be genuine.

8. Hostel Activities

The residents are not supposed to leave the campus without approval of the competent authorities. Residents should not arrange any picnic outside without specific permission of the hostel authorities. All residents should be conscious of the environment and should not litter indiscriminately. They should use the trashcans to dispose of waste.

9. Guests and Visitors

In hostels, by definition, everyone except the residents is considered as a guest. Guests can be permitted only if prior permission is obtained from hostel authorities.

– All visitors including the parents/guardian will have to make necessary entries in the visitors book available with the hostel office. The visit is restricted to the hostel office/lounge. Parents/guardians of the students, however, may be permitted by the hostel authorities to visit the room of their ward during the visiting hour, namely 7.00 am to 9.00 PM.

– Subject to availability, guest rooms may be allotted to guests on payment of required charges.

– The visit of boy students to the Girls’ hostel is restricted to the lounge. Similarly, entry of girl students of IIT Palakkad to Boys’ hostel is also restricted to the lounge. However, girl students can visit common rooms in the boys hostel for academic/co-curricular purposes. Their entry beyond the Lounge should be with the information to the hostel authorities. The visit is restricted to 10.00 PM.

– Overnight stay of the residents in a room not allotted to them is not permitted. Guest and visitors are not allowed to stay overnight and should leave by 10.00 PM.

10. Stay during semester break

The students are supposed to vacate the rooms on the day next to the last working day of each semester, hand over the keys to the hostel office and mark their date & time of departure from the hostel. Failure to do so will attract penalty. However, students who have to stay back for genuine reason will be permitted only on getting written permission from the concerned faculty supervisor or any other official and submitting the same to the hostel office in advance.

11. Collection of dues

In each semester, the dues to the hostel (including fines) should be cleared before receiving the keys of the hostel room.


1. Ragging

Ragging is a cognizable offense (offense for which the police can arrest the offender without warrant). Our motto is: Zero Tolerance to Ragging! A firm NO to ragging in any form!! If found guilty of ragging, action will be taken as per the law of the land and the punishment may include expulsion from the institute.

2. Antisocial Activities

Residents should not arrange any function or meeting within the hostel or outside or within the institute campus without specific permission of the Warden/Concerned Authorities. Residents should not indulge in antisocial, antinational or any other undesirable activities within or outside the hostel zone. Such activities attract severe penalty.

3. Use of intoxicants

Smoking, consumption of alcohol and use of narcotics or any other intoxicant is strictly prohibited. Entering the hostel premises in intoxicated/inebriated state as well as possession of liquor and narcotics is also disallowed. Any violation of these conditions will attract severe penalty including expulsion from the Hostel. In case of possession of narcotics, the matter will also be referred to the local police.

4. Use of Appliances

The power handling capacities of the electrical systems in hostels are limited. Therefore overloading can result in tripping of main power supply. Overloading can also lead to fire accidents. Usage of Iron press, Heaters with exposed heating coils, Immersion heating rods, Induction stoves and similar appliances are prohibited inside the hostel room. Use of desk lamps, computers and small audio systems are permitted, provided the combined power requirement does not exceed the electrical socket specification. 3Noncompliance with this rule will attract seizure of the disallowed equipment and a hefty fine.

5. Tampering

Any tampering with the network devices and other electronic devices installed in hostel and hostel premises or any disruption in the campus internet due to penetration to the network settings would be considered very seriously and would invite disciplinary actions.

6. Change of locks

The students are not permitted to change the locks (of the rooms) provided to them by the Hostel management at the time of their occupation of the rooms. In case a change of lock becomes necessary due to some reasons, a request must be made to the Hostel management. In case any one has changed the lock without informing the Hostel management, he/she is required to provide an explanation, and hand over a duplicate key to the Hostel management immediately.

7. Use of vehicles

Use of powered vehicles (two wheelers and cars) is prohibited. Powered vehicles brought to the hostels will be confiscated. Residents are encouraged to use bicycles. Bicycles should be parked only in the space provided for cycle parking in an orderly fashion, both at the academic and in the hostel premises.


1. All the students have to punch-in their presence in the Hostel between 7:30 PM and 10:00 PM every day, failing which penalty will be levied. Repeated default will lead to temporary suspension from the Hostel.

2. Academic block premises including Computer Labs and the Innovation lab will be closed for BTech students from 00:00 midnight to 6 AM. Security personnel will be instructed to evict UG students during this time. However, on special occasions (eg. the day before a Quiz) the labs will remain open for 24 hours.

3. If a team of students are working on some project for which they need to use the Innovation Lab / Computer Lab outside the stipulated time, they should obtain a written permission from the faculty-in-charge of the lab/the faculty who is supervising the work.

4. The Hostel Security staff will ask any (UG, PG and PhD) student reaching the Hostel after 12 midnight to write his/her name in the register.

5. Leaving the campus: Students should carry their ID card, and make an entry in the Hostel register whenever they intend to leave the campus. The security at the Ahalia gate(s) would verify the ID cards of students before allowing them to go out of the campus.

(a) None of the students will be allowed to leave the campus after 7:00 PM.

(b) Every student who goes outside the campus should be back in the IIT Palakkad campus by 7 PM and record his/her attendance. Ahalia security will collect the ID card of students reaching the gate after 10 PM and the ID card will be seized for 7 days. Repeated violation of the return time restriction would invite strict disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel.

D. Rights of Hostel Management

Any breach of the rules mentioned above will invite an enquiry that will be conducted by the Hostel Management. If a resident is found guilty, then the Hostel management will take disciplinary action that it deems fit. Depending on the case, the management reserves the right to take direct disciplinary action, amounting to expulsion, at short notice, from the hostel. Hostel authorities have the right to visit and inspect any hostel room at any time without prior intimation. The Hostel Management reserves its right to change these rules from time to time keeping the students informed through general circulars displayed on the hostel notice boards.

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