Fit India Freedom Run

The students, staff and faculty of IIT Palakkad enthusiastically took part in the Fit India Freedom Run. The Registrar, Col. S Chakraborty, set an enviable record for the campus community, with a whopping 68.9 km. Some of the notable runners and the distances covered by them in the 10 days leading to Gandhi Jayanthi are below. We wish all of you a fit and healthy day. Happy exercising!

Faculty and Staff

1. Col. S Chakraborty (68.87 km).

1. Mr. Rohit M (57.15 km).

2. Mr. Vinayak M (51.6 km)

Mr. Rex (51.05 km)

Dr. Krishna S (28.91 km)



Ms. Sakila S (46.57 km)

Mr. Manoranjan (39.24 km)

Ms. Shubangi Chauhan (37.94 km)

Mr. Greeshmanth (32.55 km)

Mr. Naman Purohit (30.89 km)

Mr. Nishant Singh (27.99 km)

Mr. Alfred Anthony (25.9 km)