Research Scholars' Day 2021

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Sat, 6th Nov, 2021 11:45 pm

The fourth edition of the Research Scholars’ Day!!! on the 6th of November 2021. Our distinguished guests,

1. "Design of Fluid Dynamic experiments'' - Talk by Prof. Debopam Das, IIT Kanpur  
2. "The exciting world of ferroelectronics - an overview" - Talk by Prasanna V R, Georgia Institute of Technology; Alumnus, IIT Palakkad
3. " Asian elephant socioecology and behavior: insights from the Kabini Elephant Project" - Talk by Prof. T.N.C. Vidya, JNCASR, Bangalore

In addition to the keynote lectures from the esteemed speakers, we will have poster presentations by research scholars, out of which two best posters will be selected from each department. The research talk will be open to all, with the top 8 students receiving not only the opportunity to represent their department in the presence of the keynote speakers, our distinguished guests, and the whole IIT Palakkad community but also exciting prizes!!!

Research at IIT Palakkad, although undertaken by research scholars, is primarily driven forward by the always energetic and illustrious faculty of the college. A day for research scholars at IIT Palakkad would therefore be incomplete without the participation of the faculties. Thus, I would also like to humbly invite the faculties to attend the event and chart course for encouraging discussions, constructive criticisms and critical evaluations.  

Let's join together for a day of learning and have fun while at it... Hope to see you all on the sixth of November.