Reactivity of Alkynes with Iron Carbonyl and Iron Chalcogenide Clusters

Dr. Radhe Shyam Ji
Thu, 19th Apr, 2018 10:00 amAdd to Calendar 2018-04-19 10:00:00 2018-04-19 10:00:00 Title Description Location IIT Palakkad UTC public
Thu, 19th Apr, 2018 11:00 am


Transition metal cluster chemistry has been a rapidly developing area of research in recent years with applications in the areas of catalysis, material science, organic chemistry and biology. Clusters present challenging problems when developing and understanding process important to catalysis, as well as structure and bonding of a wide variety of materials ranging from semiconductors to superconductors. The development of a complete picture of clusters, in terms of different reactivities and electronic properties, extends beyond the boundaries of a single discipline. Activation of C≡C on transition metal complexes is of considerable importance because the reduction of alkynes to alkenes is important probe of the active metallic centre in the enzyme nitrogenase, and because of the interest to transform the coordinated alkynes into useful organic species.

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