Modelling and Control System Development of Grid Connected Solar PV Energy Conversion System

Dr. Arun Rahul S
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Wed, 17th Oct, 2018 5:15 pm
Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) based energy conversion systems can be broadly classified into stand alone systems and grid connected systems. Stand alone PV systems are very useful for generation and supply of electrical energy to remote locations where access to the conventional power grid is limited. Where as grid connected solar  PV renewable energy conversion is very common in micro grid systems, conventional grid systems and distributed generation. In these configurations, the power from the  PV source is fed to the grid by maintaining the power quality specifications and grid regulations. Solar PV can be connected directly to the grid using a single stage DC to AC conversion (inverter) stage. But this scheme suffers some drawbacks such as high voltage stress on the semiconductor devices, fluctuations in DC link voltage and reliability. Another commonly used PV power conversion method is by adding a dedicated DC-DC converter in-front of the  inverter stage. This DC -DC conversion stage will stabilize the PV conditions  such as maximum power point tracking, shading effect, parameter variations and temperature variations. The Inverter stage will take care of maintaining the DC link voltage with unity power factor operation. The main focus of  this seminar will be  modelling and control system development of a grid connected two stage solar PV energy conversion system.
Acknowledgment- Global R&D Center, Crompton Greaves Limited
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