1. Civil Engineering:

    Structural engineering: Buckling and post-buckling of open sections, cold formed steel structural members, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete.

    Geotechnical Engineering: Foundation engineering, strength and deformation behavior of soil, Geosynthetics and Ground improvement techniques, Geotechnical &Geoenvironmental engineering.

    Water Resource Engineering: Hydrological modelling and uncertainty analysis, climate and land use change modelling.

    The research oriented lab facilities listed below (but not limited to) will be procured/developed within six months:

    Structural Engineering: 100kN & 500kN Servo hydraulic UTMs, Actuators:100 kN (3Nos.), 250kN (3Nos.), and 500kN(2 Nos) 2D & 3D testing frames, Data Acquisition Systems, Shake Table, Load Controlled UTMs :3MN, 5MN and 10MN

    Geotechnical Engineering: Servo controlled monotonic/cyclic triaxial testing system, consolidation test apparatus, Direct shear apparatus, Flexible wall permeameter and various geosynthetics testing equipment.

    General computational facilities: Various analysis and design software, Finite Element Method software, Spatial data analysis softwares, and High performance computing cluster of the Institute. General workshop: Lathe, milling, grinding and drilling machines, welding, power tools etc.

  2. Computer Science & Engineering:

    Algorithms, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Type theory, Functional Programming and Proof Assistants, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Optimization, Bioinformatics.

  3. Electrical Engineering:

    Semiconductor devices and modeling,nanoelectronics, plasmonics/optoelectronics, Microwave Engineering, wireless communication, communication theory, statistical signal processing, information and coding theory, Microwave Remote Sensing, Power Electronics, VLSI and Control System, Biomedical signal processing, Embedded signal processing and low power reconfigurable circuits, Brain-Computer Interface Systems.

    Facilities: High performance computing cluster of the Institute. High frequency microwave and communication, device characterisation facility, power electronics, machines labs and research facilities are being setup.

  4. Mechanical Engineering:

    Engine modelling/control, Optical diagnostics in combustion, Fracture mechanics, Computational fluid dynamics & turbulence, additive manufacturing, materials and tribology.

    Facilities: Engine research facility, laser diagnostic lab, High performance computing cluster, 3D printing, material characterization facility etc.