Current programs

IIT Palakkad offers B.Tech programme in four branches: Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The students come from different parts of the country, providing a truly cosmopolitan and multicultural environment.

B.Tech Curriculum

The curriculum is periodically updated and that is being followed currently is based on the 2014 curriculum of IIT Madras. The courses for the B.Tech programme fall into five major categories: Humanities and social sciences, Basic sciences, Basic Engineering Theory / Skills and Professional Major & Minor Theory and Laboratory. The faculty strength at present is twenty four of which fourteen are young faculty while the rest are senior faculty from IIT Madras, DAE and other Government organizations. Visiting faculty from IIT Madras and guest faculty, who are senior retired faculty from reputed institutions, also handle courses. The strength of young faculty is to be augmented shortly.

Branch Change


IIT Palakkad allows students to change their branch based on their academic performance in the first semester. The change comes into effect at the end of their first year. The main criterion for change of branch, apart from academic performance, is the restriction on student strength, as specified by the B.Tech Ordinances. The following figure shows the change of branch composition before (left panel) and after (right panel) branch change for the two years. 

Scholarship Support


Merit-Cum-Means scholarships, Institute free studentships, Scholarships for SC/ST students and students with disability are available to the students of IIT Palakkad, as per the Government of India norms. IIT Palakkad has signed an MOU with SBI, Kanjikode and eligible students can avail loans for Tuition fee under Vidyalakshmi educational loan scheme. The following pie chart summarizes the student beneficiaries (in percentage) of scholarships.

Courses & Student Performance


Courses are handled by a combination of young faculty of IIT Palakkad, Senior faculty from IIT Madras and scientists from national scientific organizations. A Few courses are conducted through NKN facility. Performance of students is monitored periodically and those who are found academically weak are given special attention through the help of Teaching Assistants after regular classes. Grading policy is based on continuous assessment. Grades are awarded on a 10 point scale denoted S, A, B, C, D, E and U, with E being the minimum grade to pass a subject. The respective grade points are 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4 and 0. Performance is quantified by Grade point average (GPA) and cumulative grade point average (CGPA). The former is a weighted average of the grade points of successfully completed course in a given semester, while the latter is a weighted average of the grades secured in all semesters. The performance of the first two batches is shown in the following figure, which gives the % of students in a given CGPA range.



Internship is an integral part of the curriculum, wherein the students get to spend a part of their summer / winter holidays in an Industrial or Research environment, depending on their interest. Usually internships are done at the end of the third year (after sixth semester). However, at IIT Palakkad, motivated by the faculty and the academic atmosphere, a large number of students had taken internship at the end of the second year itself. Eighty-eight students of 2015 batch and two students of 2016 batch are currently engaged in internship. The pie chart shown below provides a summary of internship.