Centre for Research and Education in Data Science

Centre for Research and Education in Data Science (CREDS)

The vision of CREDS is to develop and spread data science and artificial intelligence (AI) for the benefit of society with immediate focus on sustainability and education. While the immediate focus will be on sustainability and education, the center will also have researchers in other areas of relevance of data science.

The current focus of the centre includes:

  • AI for Sustainability
    • Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus
    • Smart City (Transportation, Communication, Security, AI on Edge)

  • AI for Education

  • Foundations of AI
    • Responsible machine learning with multiview complex data
    • Reinforcement learning for Humans-in-the-loop systems
    • Robust Statistics and Information Theory

CREDS will also hold an M.Tech program in Data Science from next academic year in addition to training MS and PhD students.

For more details visit CREDS website