M.S/Ph.D Shortlist – August Semester, 2018 | Dates of Tests/Interviews

Research Admissions – August Semester, 2018
Dates of Tests/Interviews

Sciences and Social Science Departments
Department Date Short Listed Candidates
Chemistry June 26, 27 Details
Mathematics June 25, 26 Details
Humanities and Social Sciences June 20 Details
Engineering Departments
Department M.S Ph.D Short Listed Candidates
Civil June 20,21 Jun 18,19 Details
CSE June 25 June 26,27 Details
Electrical June 21, 22 June 21,22 First Level Shortlist*
Mechanical June 18 June 19 Details

*First-stage-shortlist intimation letters, along with instructions on how to proceed, have been
mailed to selected candidates. For more details | click here

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