Current research programs

The academic activities at IIT Palakkad were formally launched in August 2015. The Institute is currently functioning from its temporary campus in the premises of Ahalia Integrated Campus, Kozhipara, Palakkad. A permanent campus is being set up in approximately 500 acres of land adjoining the Sahya mountain range, in the Pudussery village of Palakkad district.

The M.S. (Research) and Ph.D programs were started in June 2017. Admission is open throughout the academic year. 

Different Disciplines offering M.S. (Research) and Ph.D programs currently are

1) Chemistry

2) Computer Science and Engineering

3) Civil Engineering

4) Electrical Engineering

5) Mathematics

6) Mechanical Engineering

7) Physics

Although IIT Palakkad is in its very nascent stage, the faculty of IIT Palakkad has been quite active in the research front. There has been a significant contribution by the faculty in the form of journal publications, conference presentations and invited talks / seminars. In addition, the research atmosphere at IIT Palakkad has been vibrant with a large number of multidisciplinary research talks and seminars by researchers from abroad and India. Crosstalk is a unique event where mainly faculties from IIT Palakkad present their work for a general audience over sip and gossip. The following figure summarizes the research activity.